The Act, Play & Learn Curriculum

What is the AP&L Curriculum and how is it used in the International National Games?

What if every student in your class felt like they were in a gaming environment? What if every lesson was a game and every assessment a level to be crossed?

What if your students never missed a lesson just to keep up with their game levels?
What if you played with them to learn in the classroom?

The Act, Play & Learn Model is a formal game-based learning curriculum that has deeply rooted foundations in the unique learning needs of International. These learning needs have been clearly established with current citations under the Needs Analysis for learning gaps in International. Interested individuals can contact us at

What are Active Assessments?

Facilitators observe game performance of each player and fill out Active Assessment Sheet that records the level of achievement of major learning objectives of the game.

The AP&L Curriculum prides itself for using National Qualifications Authority (NQA), Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), and Common Core (USA) Standards for  Curriculum Design.

What are ESTEEM GAMES Disciplines used in International National Games?

AP&L is a game-based learning curriculum that addresses the learning and teaching needs of International. It is agile. It is dynamic. It evolves to meet the following International community needs in a timely manner:

1. Vision 2021 Knowledge Development goals.
2. School and University performance gaps (national and international testing)
3. Affective learning features (self-esteem, self-actualization, ambition, will power, intrinsic motivation, patriotism)
4. Whole Child approach (balancing culture, International heritage, language, International resources, innovations, foreign influences on )
5. Reinforcing STEM
6. Reinforcing Entrepreneurship
7. Reinforcing Global Citizenship (ethics, communication, environmental values, technology)
8. Fulfilling all components of AP&L (ESTEEM GAMES: Ethics, Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Sciences, Math, Global Citizenship, Art, Music, Engineering, health Sciences)
Each game can be modified to suit the age of the participants by applying relevant standards. Each game is modified to suit: Learning context demographics, participant demographics, major learning outcomes for each player, Active Assessments™ AP&L.

Game descriptions in each game include one or more of the following ESTEEM GAMES Disciplines.


ethicsEthics     scienceScience    technology1Technology   engineeringEngineering  entrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship

mathMath  globalcitizenshipGlobal Citizenship  artArt       musicMusic         environmentalEnvironmental Mgmt

healthScienceshealth Sciences


Play games at the International National Games and recognize the value of your performance!