UAE National Games Mini-Events


General Public Records: Shortest record-makers in Abu Dhabi, UAE (yet!!)  

Marzooqa Fathima Akoor Shahul 8 yrs Rubic Cube 2 minutes 47 sec
Nawaz Ahmed  9 yrs Rubic Cube    36 sec
Nawaz Ahmed 9 yrs Cup Stacker 14.72 sec
Hemann    Rubic Cube   1 min 9 sec
Nasser Ali 


Dominoes  40 pieces 100%: 1 min
Lara Saad    Sketch Art   3 min

Rafael Kenji Lestino

Rashel Kate Lestino

  team game: Dominoes   47 pieces 100%: 2 min
Rashel Kate Lestino   sketch art /Drew Characters  7 min
Sama Osama 12 yrs UAE Sketch Art 1 hour
Sondos Osama 12 yrs UAE Sketch Art 1 hour
Eman Ahmed 7 yrs UAE Sketch Art  15 minutes
Maitha Fahed AlBraiki 10 yrs Cup Stacker 15 seconds


Spring Festival at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi. April 27th 2016


 Congratulations, Zayed University students on creating records!

Monah Mohamed 20 yrs Cup Stacker 10 seconds
Almaha Hamad 19 yrs UAE Sketch Art 52 seconds
Bouthaina & Rouda 19 yrs Dominoes  100% toppled
Maryam Mohammed 19 yrs Lego Leader  2 minutes

Fantastic Fun-Grounds at Shangrila, Abu dhabi


shagrila2     shangrila3     shangrila1 

Did we hear about kids who had to be gently pulled away by their parents because they were having too much fun and it was time to leave? Thats right!
Register with us to play at the main event at the Yas Marina Race Circuit 2015. GO UAE!!

Kiddie Korner Mini-Event At Corniche, Abu Dhabi

 Congratulations, you made a record by playing a Game organized by UAE National Games!!

Jack Lee 28/01/'14 30 yrs Paint Artist: Sheikh's Portrait 3 hours
Mariam 28/01/'14 9 yrs Math Whiz Kid 1.58 min
Ahmed Mubarek 28/01/'14 31 yrs Sketch Artist  3 min
Ella  19/12/'13 7 yrs Play Dough: Snowman  5 min
Eman 20/12/'13 25 yrs Ball Maze 54 sec
Musavaev Timur 21/12/'13  7 yrs  Sand Sculpture: Camel  7 min
 Saad Aya 23/12/'13  13 yrs  Puzzle Game  4 min

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