UAE Trivia

(Educational) Teams compete to answer questions based on UAE.
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 Discipline   ESTEEM GAMES (Ethics Science Technology Engineering Entreprenurship Math Global Citizenship Art Music Environmental Management health Sciences)
Goal    Teams compete to answer questions based on UAE.
Learning Objectives    Revising History, Geography, Culture, Heritage, Tradition, Economy and all aspects of the UAE through Trivia questions. Develop and increase love for UAE.
Skills    Under 18 only.
Props    Trivia game context: score board, team tables, buzzers, timer, and questions.
Session Time    6 months to prepare using all resources about UAE. 1 hour per session during the UAE National Games Celebrations. 4 teams per session.
Teams    Teams of 4 members are allowed to register. All should be under 18.
Rules     Register your team to claim your slot.
• Prepare to answer under all topics about UAE.
• Arrive on time to the UAE TRIVIA game booth.
• Facilitator will ask questions and the team to hit the buzzer first will get a chance to reply and receive points.
• Wrong answers get minus points.
• Answers have to be given within 30 seconds.
Climax    Teams discuss answers to keep up points.
Winning Criteria    Team with highest points earned in an hour wins the session.
Prize    TBA
Participation Certificates    Facilitator distributes certificates for all with information to register for training workshops with Quality for Life.
Advice Letter    Facilitator hands out an advice letter to improve performance to all participants.