Food Focus

Create the healthiest sandwich in your group.
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Discipline   health Sciences
Name    Food Focus
Goal    Create the healthiest sandwich in your group.
Learning Objectives    Know the difference between a Lean, Healthy and Junk Sandwich as advised by a certified nutritionist facilitator.
Skills    All ages are welcome, to promote cooperative learning and healthy eating awareness in Emiratis.
Props    Plastic food props. Sandwich making station with "condiments" and "ingredient" choices lined up. Plates, gloves and napkins
Session    Time 30 min
Teams   6 participants in a session
• All participants take turns to create their sandwich and submit it to the nutritionist with their name card for evaluation.
• Nutritionist describes the nutritive value of all ingredients in detail and its metabolism effects on the body.
• Nutritionist makes recommendations personalized for the participant.
Climax    Nutritionist concludes the session after 30 minutes.
Winning Criteria    Nutritionist presents the "healthiest" sandwich of the group.
Prize    Winner gets goodies and prizes
Participation Certificates