Traditional Games for the UAE National Games

   Re-live your childhood with your children. Watch the Seniors play like professionals. Hear some of their fonded memories about these traditional games. Copy them and share some laughter with us. These games are absolutely free

Al Boom:  Boys build wooden boats and then compete against each other in the sea.

Hadeed wala Jareed:  Boys stand in a row with equal distances from one another; a player jumps on their back and tries to make them fall. The standing player yells out "Hadeed" (iron), if he doesn't fall, or "Jareed" (breaking down or falling) if he does.

Al Aarees:   Girls use cloths and accessories from their house to make dolls; the prettiest doll is crowned the bride.

Al Laqfa:   Girls sit in a circle, with 10 pebbles or sea shells laid on the floor. A bigger pebble is thrown into the air and, with the same hand, pebbles have to be collected from the floor.

Al Maqana: A boy or a girl is blindfolded and has to run around to identify the others, who are confined to a limited space. They taunt the blindfolded player with whispers and subtle noises.

Al Damath: Chess anyone? This game has been played traditionally in the UAE in various formats. Visit the Traditional Games section to learn more. 

Al Nashaba: The infamous sling shot game. Come and "shoot" down some fruits in the trees. Dont worry, all in a controlled environement. 

Marble Game: An indoor summer game and an outdoor winter game, played across decades. Watch the Seniors play as they recall their expertise. 

Sack Race: Race your partner to the finish line. The last one in is a.........


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