Keep Guessing

Recall as many items you have seen in 10 minutes.
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20 AED

Discipline    Global Citizenship  

Name    Keep Guessing!

Goal    Recall as many items you have seen in 10 minutes.

Learning Objectives    Memory and recalling skills.

Skills    All ages are welcome, to promote cooperative learning.

Props    30 miscellaneous objects in a covered tray. Variations include using theme-based objects in a tray. Papers and pencils

Session Time    30 min

Teams    14 participants in a session


· Facilitator shows the objects in the tray to all 12 participants for 3 minutes.

· All participants write down as many objects they can recall.

Climax    Facilitator requests everyone to stop writing after 10 minutes. Facilitator checks all entries and awards points out of 30.

Winning Criteria    Participant writing the most object names correctly wins.

Prize    Winner gets a mind challenging game (cube and other mind games)

Participation Certificates  

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