Create a unique scene or an environment using dominoes. Participate in teams and create a world record within 8 hours!
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Discipline   Global Citizenship, Art
Name    Dominoes
Goal    Create a unique scene or an environment using dominoes. Participate in teams and create a world record within 8 hours!
Learning Objectives    Collective use of group knowledge, brainstorming, synthesis, application, logical thinking, and team communication.
Skills    Hobbyists and experts
Props    dominoe blocks
Session Time    30 minutes
Teams    6 teams of 4 members. Individuals can also compete against individuals.
Rules    Briefing for 5 minutes Both your Dominoe design and Team Management will be judged. 
Facilitator will judge teams on the following criteria


• Orignality of the design
• Accuracy of the desgn
• Use of colors and aesthetics of the design
• Sucess rate of the dominoe tripping/cascading action: 25%   50%   75%   100%  
• Tripping/cascading time
• Total time taken to complete the cascade

TEAM Management Criteria
• Does the group use its expertise? (Some people may have built Dominoes before.)
• How does the group handle disagreement? (Do they face it openly, use voting, or suppress it. What are the consequences of their choice)
• How do they make decisions? (By consensus, by one person or a pair, by voting, or do they avoid making them. What are the consequences?)
• Do they listen to and follow the instructions or just dive in? (People differ in their learning style, activists tend to do first and think later, theorists prefer to think first and do later) How does leadership emerge? How involved is everybody in the activity? Do others bring people in or is it everybody for her/himself.

Climax    All activities are stopped at the sound of a whistle
Winning Criteria    Facilitator trips the first domino and notes time for completion or interruption. Facilitator also determines team management strategy of the winning team and discusses with others.Team with most points on Active Asessments (judging criteria sheet) wins.
Prize     Medals


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