Table Turner I

Work in teams of two to solve a problem on each table. Intermediate Level.
Sales price: 20 AED
20 AED
Manufacturer: Quality for Life

Discipline    Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Global Citizenship 
Name     Table Turner I
Goal        Work in teams of two to solve a problem on each table, a total of 5 tables in a session. Table Turner series level: Intermediate Level.
Learning Objectives    Solve each problem on the table using critical thinking and analytical skills. Two minds are better than one. So use the partner's brain power to finish the quickest in your session. 
Skills     18 + 
Props    Creative  educational toys. 
Session Time    30 min
Teams    2 individuals in a team. 4 teams in a session. Total 8 people in one session. (Register with a friend)
Rules     Work in pairs for not more than 5 minutes on a table. 
• Take turns on one table. Finish the problem within five minutes or move to the next one.  
• This is an intermediate level of Table Turner series.  Problems of pictures shown above will be used per table. Practice before the event! 

Climax     Timer sounds at the end of each 30 minute sessions. 
Winning Criteria     Team to solve most tables within the session wins!
Prize    Tokens
Participation Certificates    Facilitator distributes certificates for all with information to register for training workshops with Quality for Life.
Advice Letter    Facilitator hands out an advice letter for tips to improve mental capacity and performance and reverse the effects of aging.  

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