Describe and discuss images to create the correct sequence of the story.
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Discipline   Global Citizenship  
Name   Zoom
Goal   Describe and discuss images to create the correct sequence of the story.
Learning Objectives   Team communication, brainstorming, and logical thinking.
Skills   Two game environments: one for adults and one for children.
Props   Image Boards with images of individual stories.
Session Time   30 minutes
Teams   4 teams of 5 members. No Team leader.
• Briefing for 5 minutes.
• Each team gets a set of image boards. All images are upside down.
• Each member sees their picture, but does not show it to others.
• Each member describes their picture and the team decides the sequence through a discussion.
• Each image board is placed in a sequence, upside down.
• Surprise element: A neutral image board is added to encourage creativity in sequence.

 All sequences are submitted on the 30th minute.

Winning Criteria   Facilitator flips the images to check the sequence. Team finishing a sequence correctly in the shortest time wins.
Prize   TBA
Participation Certificates   Facilitator distributes certificates for all with information to register for training workshops with Quality for Life.
Advice Letter   Facilitator hands out an advice letter to improve performance to all participants.

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