Dance with Me

Dance for a session with expert facilitator!
Sales price: 15 AED
15 AED
Manufacturer: Quality for Life

Aspiring Special Needs Facilitators, watch this short course and learn how to play this game for mainstream and special needs individuals: How To Play? Special Needs Games

 Discipline  Art, health Science
Name    Dance With Me!
Goal    Dance for a session with expert facilitator!
Learning Objectives    Following instructions, social skills, physical coordination, and gross motor skills.
Skills    Similar ages in a competing session.
Props    Dance game context, dancing gloves, bandanas', scarves, music.
Session Time    30 min
Teams    6-8 participants per session.
 Rules Facilitator briefs with the care providers to the participants.
• All participants follow variations in dance steps.
• Entertainment through dance music and variations in steps.
• Each participant is assisted to encourage completing of game.
• Care providers are allowed to help.
Climax    Game ends in 30 minutes (can be extended to minimize discomfort).
Winning Criteria    All participants are winners!
Prize    All receive UAE Flag badges. Dance music CDs.
Participation Certificates    Facilitator distributes certificates for all to encourage participation for more special needs games.

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