Sold Out!

Winning team attracts the most consumers for the same product.
Sales price: 20 AED
20 AED

Do you want to facilitate Sold Out? View this short workshop here and become a Sold Out! Facilitator. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your intent of interest and CV. This is an amazing opportunity for you to meet business and marketing professionals. Marketing, education and business background preferred but not required. 

Aspiring Facilitators: Click this link to view How To Play? Team Games: Sold Out!

Discipline     Global Citizenship Art  Ethics  Technology   Entreprenurship Math 
Name    Sold Out!
Goal    Winning team attracts the most consumers for the same product.
Learning Objectives    Sell out the same product by branding, marketing and selling uniquely. 4 P's of marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Role of a leader in decision making.
Skills    Business inclined Emiratis. All ages to promote cooperative learning.
Props    Product (unbranded, generic, and lacklustre). Kiosks, stationary and art supplies
Session Time    1 hour
Teams    4 teams of 4 members.
• Team is briefed for 15 minutes
• Each team selects a leader
• Each team designs the brand name, logo, colour theme, marketing strategy and presentation for the product
• Each team competes to sell their product thru the team kiosk.
• Element of surprise: Randomly added to increase challenge: running out of budget, inflation, reduced demand, saturation etc.
• Teams adjust strategies to compete harder
• Audience votes where they will put their money!
• Facilitator observes and takes notes for all participants.
Climax    Time ending marked by count down and dramatic music.
Winning Criteria    The team with the most appealing and attractive product (audience vote and facilitator agreement).
Prize    TBA
Participation Certificates    Facilitator distributes certificates for all with information to register for training workshops with Quality for Life.
Advice Letter    Facilitator hands out an advice letter to improve performance to all participants.

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