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If you have the passion to drive and lead, this may be a fulfilling venture for you. If you are patient, empathizing and compassionate, this maybe your opportunity to begin a satisfying career. Facilitators are the key players of any game. They enable the game to run in the desired manner in the prescribed format. They also ensure the physical and emotional safety of game participants.

Check out the games to assess the types of games you can facilitate. Don't worry, you will receive ample training and instructions (and Q4L goodies!) for facilitating games.





Facilitators are needed for the following Game Genres


1. Intercultural Communication (UAE Emphasis)

2. Interpersonal Communication (Team emphasis)

3. Heritage and Cultural Art Awareness

4. Disaster Management/Survival Scenarios (Analytical, Logical and Spatial Thinking skills at times of Disasters)

5. Business Management/Financial Scenarios (Risks, Losses, Recessions, Competition, Budget, Spending)

6. Entrepreneurship (Creativity and Innovation, Sustainable, Environmental Consciousness)

7. Ethics (Personal and Professional)

8. Knowledge Management/Education (UAE Heritage and International)

9. Environment Management (UAE Carbon Footprint, Planet Preservation)

10. Human Resource/Capital Development

11. Leadership Roles (Leadership skills to make agile decisions to lead the team safely, everyone is a leader).

12. Team Management (Group dynamics, Communication, Task Allocation)

13. Women’s Empowerment in UA


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