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UAE National Games Facilitator Orientation


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Facilitators are divided into two categories: Experts and General. Expert Facilitators are knowledgeable in the game genre. They provide their experience in guiding and advising the participants of the game ensuring that the learning goals are met within a session. General Facilitators ensure that the game runs smoothly and according to the rules. They provide guidance in conflict resolutions and encourage completion of the game. They hand Advice Letters at the of .the game and make sure the game has a satisfactory end.These requirements are detailed in the Facilitator Workshop. This is a  2 hour workshop beginning from September. The following are the highlights of this workshops 


  • Why play the UAE National Games: Knowledge Development for UAE Vision 2030
  • Emiratization Strategies
  • Game based learning: Learning goals of all games​
  • Game rules and environment
  • Role of the Facilitator: Expert and General
  • Conflict Resolution and Group Management Strategies
  • Safety Issues
  • Organization Chart


Send us an email if you are interested in facilitating a game. Write FACILITATOR on the header and provide information about yourself. A resume will be helpful. Provide the names of the games you would like to facilitate. We will respond with directions!


Come, make this event a success for your compatriots!



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