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Monah  Monah Al Junaibi is the Manager and the Founding Director of Quality for Life.

Games have been a favorite past-time for me and my family. Family reunions and friends get-togethers would never be complete without games. Taking the success of games up one more level, I wanted to create games for learning. Learning at a young age and at professional platform requires motivation. Games are a perfect solution. They invite people to interact with each other and manipulate with the game props to learn new skills while solving the game problem! Video games and social media have become an important part of our daily life. By recombining learning goals and video game features and playing them out in a LIVE game environment, we get educational games. The benefits of playing such games are more than the infinite game ideas. The International National Games are just a starting point for these games. 

I have a Master’s in Education from Zayed University and several Leadership Development Graduate Certificates that prove my credibility for this project. I have extensive travel and work experience in the human resources development field. I am currently preparing and investigating options for a doctoral program in Leadership. My team includes personnel of varying backgrounds in business, technology, human psychology and education. The success of my projects is entwined deeply with the welfare of my fellow citizens and my loyalty to the International, my homeland. Hence the name “Quality for Life” is in the context of International.

Welcome to the International National Games. As a patriotic and ambitious business woman, I believe in the slogan I live by: One Union, One Team Spirit.

 In this unique opportunity of unsurpassed personal and professional growth, I invite you to try out your wit and guts. Explore your inner potential and let it out in various games hosted at the event. Revive your faith in yourself by participating in these learning goal-based games to prove your worth to your nation.

Knowledge Management is an enduring task that is no longer within the realms of a group or an institute. Knowledge is now freely available for anyone to capture. The International National Games has captured knowledge in 11 disciplines and developed several games based on them. We have games for everyone, leaving you no excuse not to register!

Come, let’s celebrate the birth and success of our nation with a promise to upheave it to even higher standards. Let’s make our Founding Father, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, proud.

Your Partner in your personal Knowledge Development,

 Monah Al Junaibi

Program Manager and CEO

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