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” Quality4life Management Consultancy” is a local UAE management consultancy firm that focuses on business advisory and development. We partner with clients from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Quality for life was setup in 2011 in the United Arab Emirates. We have a keen awareness of what makes doing business unique in our markets.

Our consultants have over 20 years of business development experience with strong team-building, leadership, human motivation, productivity, knowledge management and communication skills, coupled with insights into emerging markets, trends, issues and challenges facing the global economy.

We develop a strong and personal relationship with our clients by managing their business affairs and advising them on business objectives as if their business was our own. Our clients realize this over time and thus a solid foundation of trust has been established.

Both commercial and government customers can expect excellence in business ethics, pricing and billing from Quality for Life Management Consultancy. We pride ourselves in compliance with laws and regulations in all the markets that we do business in.

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Watch these presentations to get a clearer idea about the UAE National Games

Standards and Rules
The UAE National Games was developed in order fill the educational and performance gaps and the requirements by the industrial sectors of International. Almost all games have distinctive educational value and guarantee a unique skill development by all participants. Game performance can be improved by practicing beforehand. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">UAE National This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions. 
For your safety and satisfaction, please observe the following rules at all times:
  • 1. Honesty about your skills and talents

    Professional and academic integrity is the foundation for any successful competition. Please provide us with accurate records and participate in activities that stimulates your existing capabilities.  

  • 2. Safety for Self, Others and Environment

    Please do not attempt a game that may harm your health and well being. Consult your doctor if you are not sure. Quality for Life and UAE National Games will not be responsible for any personal harm due to irresponsible attitude of the participant. When practicing these games before hand, please follow all safety precautions. Please be mindful of the UAEEnvironmental Footprint. Recycle whenever possible. 

  • 3. Learning Goals for Games

    Most games are educational, meaning that they have a learning goal. Your facilitator will ensure that the game in each session is played by the rules. Follow your facilitator's instructions, especially the advice that follows after the game. To make the most of your playing experience, create a log of your observations and performance in each game and highlight the "lessons learnt". Please feel free to exchange your contacts with your fellow participants. If you have a difficulty in a skill, try enrolling in workshops designed by Quality for Life.  

  • 4. Be Courteous and Respectful

    The UAE National Games reserves the right to moderate all comments posted in the website. We also reserve the right to exempt a participant from a game if he or she does not adhere to our policies. Please be mindful of your language and temperament at all times at the event. 

  • 5. Enjoy!

    The true spirit of any competition is to enjoy and exhibit team spirit and sportsmanship. Stick to the slogan and have fun: One Union, One Team Spirit.


 Copyright © UAE National Games. All rights reserved. No part of this website and Games can be used in any way.

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  UAE National Games and UAEVision 2030 Goals



Game Based Learning Explained


Star Attractions of UAE National Game


How to Play the UAE National Games







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ABU DHABI 2021: Know your Civic Duty

    The objectives of the UAE National Game are aligned with the Vision 2021 Knowledge Development of Abu Dhabi. We proudly presents the core values of The Spirit of the Union in the form of the UAE National Games. In the year 2006, His Highness Sheikh Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Chairman of the Executive Council, mandated the General Secretariat of the Executive Council, the Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development and the Department of Planning and Economy, to develop a long-term economic vision for the emirate. We has integrated the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision for 2021 into its business processes. We assess gaps in services to our community and define solutions to fill the gaps.

The UAE National Games have a strategic mission to empower the UAE Nationals, especially the participants with productivity enabling attributes towards the country.

We are devoted in paving the roadmap to prosperity of UAE.

The Vision​

By 2021 Abu Dhabi intends to build a sustainable and diversified, high value-added economy that is well integrated into the global economy, and that provides more accessible and higher-value opportunities for all its citizens and residents

Abu Dhabi leads in ten index ranking as a "City of Opportunities" in a report by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) - the only city covered in the Middle East. Abu Dhabi is also ranked as the most productive economy, especially the knowledge economy that calls for creativity - Abu Dhabi - Economy Today

The Objectives of UAE National Games  

The UAE is one of the rare nations of the world with a local population of only 20%. The rest of the population is diverse in ethnicity, culture, language and attitude towards life.  UAE has been successfully exhibiting and encouraging its unique cultural identity in all ages. Diversity management is the core effort of several government entities. This initiative ensures the balance of heterogeneity in the country. While cultural enrichment is a bonus the UAE enjoys, cultural preservation remains a national concern. In this open to all UAE Resident gaming event, the UAE nationals will have a chance to proudly present their core community values. This will also allow both expats and nationals to exchange knowledge for relevance in work and personal life. 

Objectives: Promote Loyalty, Patriotism, Creativity and Innovation in Emiratis

The following are the core values of the UAE National Games:
• Reduce biases and stereotypes between the unique UAE Culture and the Expat population.
• Reinforce the history of UAE.
• Promote self-actualization in the Emirati Individual (explained in the next section).
• Develop games that need disciplined practice.
• Develop impulse-based participation games.
• Improve focus and attention to detail.
• Bring out leadership skills
• Direct desirable behavior towards environmental preservation.
• Inculcate team collaboration and effective communication
• Encourage entrepreneurship.
• Provide directions for responsible and pro-active social behavior towards the development of the country.
• Improve confidence and risk taking
• Tap into hidden potential and encourage hiring by government and private sectors
• Add to the spirit and efforts of Watani

UAE National Games is a value driven initiative to develop competitive local human resources for the UAE market.

We: Towards Policy Achievement of UAE Vision 2021

The following are the gaps in the fulfilment of the Vision 2021 Policies, which We proposes to rectify through the UAE National Games:

Weakness in Governance
• Weak ties among talent economic diversification individuals belonging to different organisations; The seven sectors of the Abu Dhabi Government need to combine their capabilities through a centralized/complementary mode of communication. We invites representatives of each of the seven government sectors (G1 through G7) to participate in the National Games. Team and individual games will be designed with themes based on individual seven sectors. This will enable in “breaking the ice” between employees.
• Weaknesses in governance; another gap identified by the 2021 Vision. Knowledge development and sharing through the National Games web-portal will enable effective governance by data analytics provided by We (A Business Intelligence capability of We)
Human Development Index HDI: Harnessing the Local Talent
• HDI Human Development Index; this policy denotes the improvement of Emirati mortality, literacy and income. Information kiosks during the 10 day National Day events will enlighten latest practice in relevant fields. Time referenced games that require 6 - 4 months preparation time frame will induce education related benefits in participants. It will also improve their opportunities in job placement.
• Mobilization of human resources and investments to match opportunities for economic and business development; Human resource development is the driving factor of The UAE National Games. Entrepreneurship ideas based on innovations and opportunities in existing businesses will be improvised through games like “The Resourceful Businessman/woman”, “Listen to the Market” and several others. Winners will be evaluated through established criteria that are conducive to Emirati values and Abu Dhabi Vision 2021 Policies.
• Reduce unemployment in nationals to 5% Games will uncover hidden talents and potentials of Emirati, who will be given opportunities based on the 12 Intelligences presented by Gardner. Confidence and self-esteem will motivate niche hunting by unemployed Emiratis. Skill presentation will also attract prospective employers. Networking during the 10 days of the National Games will further improve chances of employment in private or government sector.
• Under performance in R&D and technical innovation; We will seek sponsors to award technology innovators submitting their patents/proposals in a standard scientific research format. Examples of topics will include Environmental Sustainability, Leisure and Recreation, Health and Disease Prevention etc.
Social and Regional Development of UAE: Individual Self Awareness and Presentation
• Abu Dhabi will ensure that social and regional development is balanced to bring the benefits of economic growth and wellbeing to the entire population of the Emirate; Invitations to the Games will extend to all areas of the Emirate. Networking opportunities will enable awareness amongst entire population. Equal opportunities for all Emiratis.
• Weaknesses in opportunity-based entrepreneurship; Games will promote proliferation of ideas and opportunities in business
• Absence of an environmentally sound and sustainable economy and society; Environmental issues will be discussed in the web portal, through kiosks and games (Recycle, Reduce, Re-use and Treasure from Trash).
Improve Economic Diversification through Local Involvement in Business Activities
• Low economic diversification; We will focus on “Specialized Skills” needed in the individual government sectors and device improvisation games that will encourage Emiratis entering in more diversified economic settings.
• To achieve its vision for 2021, Abu Dhabi will continue to diversify its economy, investing in those capital-intensive, export-oriented sectors in which it has or can build a competitive advantage. Key areas will be highlighted in web portals along with qualifications needed to obtain jobs. Entrepreneurship ideas will be encouraged.
• Abu Dhabi will build a sustainable economy; Knowledge development activities from heritage to community needs will be carried out in the web portal and gaming themes.
• Efforts to call people in Al Gharbia and Al Ain; Press releases and web invitations through social networks and other marketing media will be engaged to ensure complete coverage of invitations to the UAE National Games. Overnight stay, dining, transportation, registration and venue entry fees (at a reduced price to encourage participation) and other information will also be available in the web portal.

Team Workmanship in Emiratis: Improve Performance and Build Work Context Skills
• Loyalty To Our Country and Leadership; Heritage movies, Art Contests, Model Contests, Poetry, Short Stories, Software Modelling, and Role Playing will be gathered under the National Day Games.
• National Sense (Patriotism): Dedication in Serving the Country and in Implementing the National Identity; UAE Ranking in various exports, imports and economics will be shared and debated upon.
• Responsibility: Cooperation with co-workers and excelling tireless work to promote achievements and to establish strategic directions; a value that will be spoken about by honourable guest speakers.
• Distinction: Improving and mastering the highest levels of work to gain the trust of the clients. A value that will be spoken about by honourable guest speakers.
• Knowledge: Continuous learning, acquisition of knowledge and relying on facts to meet the needs of the clients. A value that will be spoken about by honourable guest speakers. Contributions to UAE National Game Blog Page on web portal.
• Creativity: Improving abilities and continuous innovation to offer distinguished services. A value that will be spoken about by honourable guest speakers. Also, an important theme in many contests and games.
• Effective Communication: Positive interaction with all relevant categories and responding to their needs. An important theme in Leadership Games.

Team Building and Patriotic Games: A Need for a Cohesive Gaming Platform for National Day
• Strengthen the spirit of national belonging and loyalty. We aims to make this the greatest event of the year.
• Helping young people to invest in leisure filled with benefit. Team Allocation and Management in games enabling participants to realize their strengths and weaknesses as well as role in a team with one goal.
• Gifted and Talented youth practically and culturally and work to develop their skills. Special invitations towards advanced skill requiring projects. The National Games will provide an excellent platform to showcase giftedness and talents leading to national recognition (Calligraphy and Poetry Writing)
• Support the contribution of girls in the aspects of the social and cultural activity to verify their role in the advancement of society. We will design traditional as well as modern games in Drama, Fine Art, Scrapbooking, Comedy and Community Welfare based games.
• Balanced character building for young people. Traditional UAE Games for youngsters.
• Training young people to take responsibility and social participation voluntary. We will invite Tawteen and Tawazun to present the need for Emirati youth in the economic sectors


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