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The United Arab Emirates has now taken a new direction towards knowledge freedom. With the winning of Dubai Expo2020, our nation is now under the global magnifying glass. We will be scrutinized for our talents, skills and capabilities. Our rivals know our strengths as passions, ambitions and sheer focus on bull’s eye. We do have a 90% literacy rate now as compared to 54%, three decades ago. If we are still not up to the international par, and the competitors don’t know it, then it’s a well-kept secret. Winning is half the game. It’s maintaining that’s the toughest. It’s the true grit that defines a winner. Let’s own every success by acquiring knowledge independence!

With the Act, Play and Learn (AP&L) Game based learning curriculum, all other forms of motivations lose any potency. Who can deny the magic of a game? The adrenaline pumps, the surge of power, the bolt of hunger for the first place. That’s right! With the bang of a pistol, we begin the registrations for the UAE National Games Event. A multi-discipline, learning goal based edutainment games, complete with AP&L certification. This is just what our nation needs: a blast of professional and personal literacy to improve performance. Be assured, all National, International and best practice design considerations have been integrated in the games curriculum. Don’t believe it? Surf the Games page.

We are expecting more than 50,000 visitors from across the nation. Bring your grandpa, bring your friend, bring them all! We have something for everyone!

Join us at the Yas Marina Race Circuit. Get to know celebrities in your field. Get to know your talents, skills, improve attitude and gain knowledge.

Get to know yourself.

Lets keep winning. We need to show the globe that victory thumps from the heart of UAE!

Please surf the UAE National Games pages and tell us: Do you think that the game-based learning in the form of a National Event at the UAE National Games is going to be fun, entertaining, empowering and just what the country needs?


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