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الأحداث القادمة لعام 2014

موسيقى الكؤوس لأعلى لجميع المدارس في أبو ظبي، 15 مايو 2014


تعلم اللعب على أغنية الكؤوس مع الألعاب الوطنية الإماراتية مع مسار الصوت الوطني. شاهد المزيد من التفاصيل قريبا!




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Upcoming Events 2014

Cup Song for all schools in Abu Dhabi 

Learn to play the Cup Song with UAE National Games with a patriotic sound track. Watch for more details soon!


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Prospective Accreditation with IMD

IMDIn order to maintain quality in all game-based learning programs in the UAE National Games, We are seeking expert consultation with the IMD Open Enrollment Programs like Building on Talent (BOT) Organizational Learning and Driving Strategic Innovation. Programs like these boost the learning outcomes and expectations of all Team based and business oriented games which are the theme and core learning games of the UAE National Games. We  is currently seeking accreditation for the UAE National Games from IMD. We hope to improve our games each year, by encouraging best practice in the UAE work and personal life context. 


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